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Managed Services

Manages Services is a program where IT Kauai takes on some or all of the roles of an internal IT Department. By allowing us to handle all of your IT needs you can focus on your business and its success. Our offerings include:

  • Managed Helpdesk
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Backup
  • Vendor Management
  • Patch Management and System Monitoring
  • Managed Hardware and Hardware As A Service (HAAS)
  • Business Communications Management
Each of our Managed Services agreements is custom tailored to our client’s needs. Connect with us for a free assessment and quote.

Business Communications

With current events driving workforces apart and even home, an effective communications system is critical to business success. Our offerings include:

  • Office 365 migration and management
  • GSuite migration and management
  • Microsoft Teams implementation and training
  • Next-gen conference room builds
  • Voice communications systems through Teams or 3CX 
If you’re interested in bringing your communications to the next level, connect with us now.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Having a strong backup and continuity plan is a requirement for any business. We can help develop and implement a continuity plan for your business. Our offerings include:

  • Server Backups – Onsite and Offsite
  • Workstation Backups – Onsite and Offsite
  • Business Communications Backups – Office 365 and GSuite
  • Continuity Planning
  • Custom Solutions

Project Design & Implementation

Before we can manage your IT infrastructure, it needs to be built. Our projects team provides high-quality results, on time. A poorly designed network or project can cause unexpected downtime, leading to profit loss and overall frustration. The specialists at IT Kauai can design, implement, and support networks, conference rooms, and office spaces quickly and affordably. 

  • Network Design: Our specialists can help you quickly design a network infrastructure that will best suit your company. After evaluating, scoping, and understanding how your network should be set up, our team can get you up and running. 
  • Conference Rooms: We can deliver Microsoft Teams or Zoom compatible cameras and microphones in a meticulously designed conference space. A professional conference room increases your credibility and ability to sell to clients. 
  • Office Spaces: Moving into a new office or transitioning home? Our project team and specialists can create tech solutions so that you don’t lose any productivity. 

Have something else you need figuring out? Give us a call so we can help.

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